valentin backhaus 


  1. mouvement automatique I
  2. mouvement automatique II
  3. ausgebrannt
  4. white
  5. trasimeno

  1. liegt da eine...
  2. dickicht
  3. white
  4. the drake equation
  5. tannhäuser tor
  6. open atelier
  7. mouvement automatique

  1. surface I
  2. dia_loge
  3. kinski
  4. stu

Valentin Backhaus_ is an artist based in Salzburg. Graduated from Multimediaart in 2019 at FH Salzburg he is working nowadays as a freelancer, collaborating in several projects with artists. In 2016, he founded a studio in Hallein together with friends. Since then, they have been working on projects and curating exhibitions and events.
In 2018, he received an artist-in-residence scholarship from the State of Salzburg for Paliano(ITA).
Beside his artistic work he mainly focuses on building graphic identities, art directions, publications and websites for cultural, businesses and individuals.
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IV. white

„White“ is not a colour, a physicist would say. Are we talking about white light? The artists explore the effects of disorientation and fading contrasts in their photo series „WHITE“. Therefore they work with bright white light as a key element. As we see the reduced, shadowless, bright pictures, we face the illusion of infinity. Horizons and borders seem to disappear and we dive into waves of white and materialized emptiness. Michael Manfé (cooperation work with Katrin Froschauer, Christian Zwerschina)

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exhibition view, Domquartier Salzburg, 2016                      © Andrew Phelps